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I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Mary Diamond and I have been in the lime light as a schoolteacher for more than 30 years, often holding stage center in the classroom.  Now I am retired from the 8-4 and I have found a wonderful new way to express myself through art quilts. Luckily I was included in the formation of the stimulating fiber art group The Quilt Divas of central New York.  With the Divas I explore areas of fiber art that would never have drawn my interest if left to my own pursuits.  Manipulating and layering fabric and the techniques that emboss or distress it intrigue me: fusing, painting, dyeing, photomontage and more.  I always get a thrill working with African prints, once having lived in Kenya.  I also enjoy experimenting in cloth portraiture and have grandchildren as playful subject matter.  My home area in upstate New York provides a palette from four colorful seasons, fabulous stimuli for my nature quilts.  I indulge in teaching fiber art classes and attend the wonderful art workshops available to us all.  Please scroll and click away – enjoy!!

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Formal Studies:

BA in American Studies

Master in Education, El. Ed. & Secondary English 

Master in Special Education, Infant – Adult