To Everything There is a Season

38" x 38"
I started this quilt as a design project, melding yellow and blue 9-patch blocks into an overlap of green blocks.  The result was interesting but too tame for me so I added earth tones, an owl, and a tree.  Soon I was into snowflakes and tree blossoms, melding 2 seasons together, and thinking of the Ecclesiastes verse which names this quilt.  I hope this is the beginning of a series of Ecclesiastes-inspired quilts.

Botanica; Quilt Divas at Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell U., Ithaca, NY, 2003

Vernal Equinox; Logan Ridge Wine Cellars, Hector, NY, 2004

Quilts of Central NY; Avenue Art Gallery, Endicott, NY, 2005

Private collection, Apalachin, NY